TECSPEC is an integrated electronic communication system expressly designed for component manufacturers and suppliers in the BUILDING SECTOR.
The system provides product information in cost-effective formats that can be forwarded via the internet and/or CD presentations to specifying Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Installers.

The System includes the production and electronic integration of:

Promotional e-brochures and case studies
Specification e-catalogues and e-price lists
Technical e-manuals
Videos both promotional and technical
CAD Databases for specifying practitioners
CD-ROM production
Website contents
E-mail e-newsletters to your company’s corporate style
TECe-news the TECSPEC e-magazine
Animated e-banners

Other services available to building component manufacturers and distributors via TECSPEC
Research, composition, photography and distribution of press releases to building industry magazines.
Building industry magazine advertising campaigns.
Exhibition and point of sale display design, management and distribution.

TECSPEC offers design guidance to ensure your electronic literature, videos and databases optimises the benefits of this environmentally friendly, cost-saving method of forwarding information.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirement in detail:
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